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Attracting investments to energy efficiency projects

What are the sources of financing for energyefficiency projects?

The main sources of financing for energyefficiency projects are the own means of the organizations (depreciation andprofit) and the attracted funds (bank credits and leasing). For budgetaryorganizations the main sources of financing are budgets of different levels.Additional sources of financing of energy saving actions can be the following:budgetary support, performance contracts, public private partnership,specialized programs of the banks, special funds of assistance to energyefficiency.

What are the state support measures that arecarried out in the sphere of energy savings?

The current legislation of the RussianFederation provides the stimulating measures. These are the mechanisms of the investment tax credit which are providedby the law ? 261-FZ.  The basis for itsapplication is the list of objects and technologies presented in the resolutionsof the Russian Federation ? 857 of October 25, 2010 and ? 562 of July 12, 2011 ("Aboutthe approval of the list of objects and technologies having high power efficiency, implementation of investmentsinto which  is the basis for granting theinvestment tax credit").  Additionallythe State Energy Savings Program provides joint financing of expenditurecommitments of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, municipalities,granting the state guarantees to credits and loans, joint financing of trainingof specialists responsible for energy efficiency increase.

How do we attract investments forimplementation of energy efficiency projects?

The Ural Center for Energy Efficiency andEnvironment has the experience of work with international banks (EBRD on RUSEFFand RIEEP programs of financing of energy saving projects).  We are engaged in preparation of energyefficiency projects in an acceptable form for financing structures, we arefamiliar with problems of application of performance contracts and we know the waysof solving these problems.

UCEE experience:

2006 - Preparation of thesection "Development of proposals on additional financing of the project on thebasis of Kyoto Protocol procedures" of the work "Substantiation of investmentsto the project of reconstruction of power supply of the main production of JSC"Mordovcement"

2007 - Development of mechanisms of economic  incentives of energy savings and reinvestmentby request of the Sustainable Development Fund

2009 - Research work "Analysis of compliance of woodboards production to MDF criteria of receiving carbon investments. Developmentof methodology of GHG emissions estimation at realization of wood boardsproduction project and development of the mechanism of attracting theinvestments"

2009 - Research work"Development of the methodology of multicriteria selection of first-priorityenergy efficient projects, formation of the list of the projects and of the financialaspects of their implementation"

2011 - Development of the program of complexdevelopment of communal infrastructure systems and the terms of reference fordevelopment of investment programs of organizations of the municipal complex ofthe village Rayevski of Alsheyevsky Region of the Republic of Bashkortostan

2011 - Development, arrangement and signing theperformance contract with participants of ESCO (Chelyabinsk)

2012 - NIR"Assessment of Investment Appeal of Power Service Contracts for Objects ofthe Municipal Sphere of the City of Yekaterinburg on the basis of Results ofPower Inspections"

If you have questions you may contact our personnel responsible for this sphere of our activity: 

Kuligin APAnatoly Kuligin, Director Deputy in International Irograms, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences
Kaletin AYAndrey Kaletin, Head of International Programs Department, candidate of technical sciences
Starodubets NVNatalya Starodubets, Economist of International Programs Department, candidate of economical sciences

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