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GHG emissions inventory

Inventory of emissions of greenhouse gases(CO2, CH4, N2O and others) is the basis for formation of the carbon policy atnational and regional levels. Carrying out the inventory of greenhouse gases(GHG) allows:

- to establish the level of emissions in the baseyear according to the IPCC methodology,

- to define the current GHG emissions,

- to define the sectors of economicsresponsible for the main share of GHG emissions,

- to establish existence of reserve ordeficiency of carbon units,

- to define trends of growth/reduction of emissions,to define perspective GHG emissions if there is a forecast of economicsdevelopment,

- to establish real and attainable aims onreduction of GHG emissions,

- to determine the volume of carbon units thatcan be set to the international market.

The Ural Center for Energy Efficiency andEnvironment has a vast experience of carrying out inventories at regional,corporate and national levels. We conducted 7 GHG inventories with drawing upGHG cadasters. GHG inventory was carried out both by basic approach and bycategories of GHG emissions sources according to the IPCC nomenclature.Inventory is carried out with IPCC methodologies of 2006 and 2000 years. The resultsof GHG inventory can be verified by the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organizationat the request of the customer.

Proposal on GHG emissions inventory forenterprises

GHG emissions inventory for an enterprise is thebasis for formation of the carbon policy of an enterprise, it also allows toestimate the carbon trace of a company that works or is going to work at theinternational market that is especially important now taking into account enteringthe Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization.

We are ready to carry out GHG emissions inventoryfor your enterprise according to the modern international methodologies, toprepare the GHG emissions cadaster on its basis and to reveal the carboncapacity of your company. We are also ready to develop the information andanalytical system for your enterprise which will allow to carry out the calculationsof GHG emissions in all sectors by your experts independently that will allowto create a big investment appeal for your company.

GHG emissions inventory by request of theenterprise

Forreference use: UCEEis engaged in rendering assistance to enterprises in realization of mechanismsof the Kyoto Protocol for a number of years. We carried out the GHG emissions inventoryin Sverdlovsk region, in branches of industry in Khanty-Mansiysk AutonomousOkrug - Yugra. In December, 2011 we accomplished the research work on GHG inventoryon the territory of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra within theframework of which the information and analytical system for carrying out theGHG emissions inventory at regional level was developed by request of theEnvironmental Department of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra.

If you have questions you may contact our personnel responsible for this sphere of our activity: 

Kuligin APAnatoly Kuligin, Director Deputy in International Irograms, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences
Kaletin AYAndrey Kaletin, Head of International Programs Department, candidate of technical sciences
Starodubets NVNatalya Starodubets, Economist of International Programs Department, candidate of economical sciences

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