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Carbon footprint calculation

What is the carbon footprint and how is it calculated?

The carbon footprint is an estimation of climatechanges as a result of any activity, for example, creation of a product,company management, keeping a certain way of life.

Usually the carbon trace is defined not only bycalculation of the carbon dioxide emitted in the course of any activity, butalso by calculation of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrousoxide. In other words these components are summarized and expressed in a numberequivalent to the amount of emitted carbon dioxide.

So, for example, the carbon footprint of a producedplastic toy includes not only carbon dioxide emission which is directlyconnected with production and transportation of a ready-made product to shops.The components which are indirectly connected with a product such as receiving theprimary material and its processing are also considered. Such approach means ahuge number of components and it is almost impossible to consider all of them.For example, some workers at a toy production plant used metal paper clips, andthe carbon trace from paper clips production also have to be considered. And thereis a huge amount of such components.

Why is the carbontrace of such importance?

Ecological disasters, which possibly happen asa result of the global warming, are threat both for people and for natural lifeand can lead to unpredictable consequences. Climate changes are considered asthreat of the 21st century because it demands readiness of new approach toeconomic development. Companies are under the amplifying pressure ofperformance of voluntary actions for struggle against global warming besidesthe main legislative obligations. For today the subject of definition of theirown greenhouse gases emissions is more and more important for companies.

The corporate carbon footprint (from anenterprise as a whole) provides information to corporate managers or othershareholders on the basis of which projects on carbon emission reduction willbe created and decisions on investments will be moved forward.

If your company already works or is just goingto work at the international market, the carbon footprint calculation isespecially important for you in the context of entering the Russian Federationto the World Trade Organization. The Ural Center for Energy Efficiency andEnvironment is ready to render assistance in this subject.

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