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Low carbon development

The Ural Centerfor Energy Efficiency and Environment takes active part in promoting subjectsof green low-carbon development in Russia - development at which the economicgrowth occurs along with decrease in consumption of fossil types of fuel and reductionof emissions of greenhouse gases and polluting substances into the environment.

Currently apart from the countries of theEuropean Union some other countries settled down to a course of low-carbondevelopment: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico,Nepal, Senegal, Ukraine, BRICS countries (China, India, Brazil), APEC membercountries (India, South Korea, etc.). These countries are already issuing strategiesof "green growth" which assume more effective use of limited naturalresources, creation of workplaces and assistance to low-carbon development.

Some large international events, such as the formerLondon Olympic Games 2012 and the Olympic Games that will take place in Sochiin 2014, already declared the carbon neutrality. Besides, the carbon neutralitywas also proclaimed by a number of large international companies.

Experts of UCEE are sure that if Yekaterinburg,participating in selection of the cities on carrying out the internationalexhibition EXPO-2020 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup and having good chances tobypass other applicants, will declare the carbon neutrality of these events, itwill doubtless become the winner. We are ready to develop proposals on this matterfor the Administration of Yekaterinburg.


In 2010-2011 UCEE realized the Russian-Britishproject "Creating the Framework for Russian Regional Low-CarbonDevelopment" in terms of which the project of Strategy of Low-Carbon Developmentof Sverdlovsk Region was worked out. The project of the Strategy was approvedby the leading ministries of Sverdlovsk region (the Ministry of Industry and Science,the Ministry of Energy and Housing and Communal Services and the Ministry of NaturalResources).

The Strategy of Low-Carbon Development makesthe significant contribution to providing the sustainable development of theterritory, facilitates reducing of dependence on external energy resources,increase of energy and environmental safety by reduction of emissions ofpolluting substances and greenhouse gases, waste recycling.

Within the scope of the project under supportof the Strategic Program Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of GreatBritain the Ural Center for Energy Efficiency and Environment prepared thescientific publication "Regional Strategy of Low-Carbon Development at theExample of Sverdlovsk Region" (authors Anufriyev V.P., Galenovitch A.Yu.,etc.).

In 2012 the subject of ecologically safe,low-carbon and climate sustainable development, which defines a way to energyeffective and ecological future taking into account the climate change, waspresented by UCEE at the international exhibition and forum of industry andinnovations INNOPROM-2012 in Yekaterinburg.

If you have questions you may contact our personnel responsible for this sphere of our activity: 

Dr. Valery AnufriyevDr. Valery Anufriyev, Director of UCEE, doctor of economical sciences, candidate of technical sciences
Kuligin APAnatoly Kuligin, Director Deputy in International Irograms, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences
Kaletin AYAndrey Kaletin, Head of International Programs Department, candidate of technical sciences

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