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The Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and EnvironmentThe Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and Environment

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Energy efficiency and resource economy

  • Energy audit of industrial enterprises and objects of housing and utility complex
  • Working out the energy passports of industrial enterprises and civil buildings
  • Forming of the fuel and energy balance for enterprises, municipalities and regions
  • Working out the energy efficiency programs for enterprises and branches of economics
  • Development of heat supply schemes for cities and other residential places
  • Working out the programs of complex development o? communal infrastructure systems
  • Inspection of pump groups of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies
  • Preparation of energy service contracts for enterprises and financing structures, consulting services on organisation of business interrelations between enterprises and an energy service company

If you have questions you may contact our personnel responsible for this sphere of our activity:

Anufrev VPDr. Valery Anufriyev, Director of UCEE, doctor of economical sciences, candidate of technical sciences

Anton Gilev, Heat Energy Engineer

Tel./Fax: +7 343 374-15-74, +7 343 374-15-76 


Русская версия English version