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It is not that they cannot see the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.

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The Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and EnvironmentThe Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and Environment

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Environment protection

  • Preparation of the section "Environment Protection" in the project documentation
  • Development of projects of standards for maximum admissible emissions (MAE) into the atmosphere 
  • Control of standards for maximum admissible discharge (MAD) into the atmosphere
  • Inventory of pollutant emission sources
  • Engineering tests, checking-out and certification of ventilating systems and gas-cleaning devices
  • Approval of developed technical and project documentation by Gosnadzor (Governmental Inspectorate)

If you have questions you may contact our personnel responsible for this sphere of our activity:  

Fadeev BNBoris Fadeev, Deputy Director in Ecology, Head of Environment Protection Department
Solovyev IVIgor Solovyev, Main Specialist of Environment Protection Department

Tel./Fax: +7 343 374-15-74, +7 343 374-15-76 


Русская версия English version